Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant Cost

How Much Does FUE Hair Transplant Cost In Singapore?

“How much does hair transplant cost in Singapore? What is the follicular unit extraction cost today? How much does hair graft cost? How much does hair surgery cost? How much does hair implant cost? What is the cost of or the price of ARTAS robotic FUE hair transplant surgery in Singapore?”… These are some of the most frequently asked questions related to hair transplant in Singapore.

For most of the hair transplant surgeons, how much does hair transplantation cost in Singapore is a question that most of them find hard to give an answer. This is because follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant cost and price varies by each hair transplant clinic in Singapore, depending on the location and the overhead the FUE hair transplant clinic has and what it needs to charge to cover all the overhead. These are some examples of overhead and you can decide if it’s worth the extra hair transplant cost and/or improves your chances of having the best FUE hair transplant:

  • Marble/glass reception desk
  • Staff that use to be ex models
  • A location that demands premium lease rates
  • A big advertising and marketing campaign budget

Remember, hair transplant cost should not be the only factor for your consideration in choosing a hair doctor. Skill of the hair specialist is key, as well as the facility. Does the hair surgeon specialise in hair transplant and have hair plug surgery on a regular basis verses just a half dozen cases a month or less.  Other important factors are:

  • Board Certification – yes some physician do hair transplant surgery without any certification at all.
  • Specialty – Any specialty can do a hair transplant but its most incorporated into the training of Dermatologists and Plastic Surgery doctors.  Having such a background would help.
  • Training period – Hair restoration has changed a lot in the past few years so its good to have someone trained in the most recent transplant methods and one who stays up to date.
  • Tools they used –  In a FUE hair clinic, the procedure can be manual, or can involve the use of Neograft/Alphagraft, or the ARTAS robot. A tool is only as good as the user so the FUE hair transplant cost should not vary much based on the tool. The tools are meant to increase the speed by up to 30% so you could be home few hours earlier. Some systems claim improved accuracy and this is probably true in the hands of someone that does not do a lot of FUE hair transplant surgery.
Artas Robot Hair Transplant System

Hair restoration is no different than any other permanent facial plastic surgical procedure, such as rhinoplasty or a facelift. The results are directly dependent on the skill, experience, background, and training of the actual FUE hair transplant surgeon who will be doing your hair restoration surgery. Hair transplant is a highly-complex surgical procedure involving not just the FUE hair transplant surgeon but his or her experienced team of full time surgical technicians that brings great joy to men and women who suffer from hair loss.

It is certainly not a simple “plug-and-play” product that is the same anywhere you go as long as the “graft number” remains constant. In the hair replacement, restoration, there are hundreds of subtleties and nuances that vary from person to person. It is a surgery procedure that simply cannot be boiled down to a “per-the-graft” pricing. FUE hair transplant is a procedure not to pick on price.

The average hair transplant cost in Singapore range from $6000-$20,000 per session, depending on the experience of the surgeon, the complexity of the problem (primary vs. secondary or tertiary transplant) and the number of grafts involved. While it is a common practice in the hair transplant field to charge “by-the-graft,” this is the invention of the businessman, not the physician. Some patients like to hear per graft costs, because then they can compare different quotes and choose the best deal that offer the lowest hair transplant cost in Singapore. However charging by the graft can be confusing too because the number of grafts does not correlate to the number of hairs – i.e., one graft in the crown can have 4 hairs in it as opposed to a graft with a single hair in it for the frontal hairline. Moreover, the more grafts transplanted do not necessarily mean that they will all last and survive.


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